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A. TPT Manual Wire Bonder & Manual Die Bonder

1. HB05 Manual Wire Bonder

2. HB10 Wedge & Ball Bonder

3. HB16 Wedge & Ball Bonder

4. HB30 Heavy Wire Bonder

5. HB100 Wedge & Ball Bonder

6. HB70 Manual Die Bonder

B. DAGE Bondtester & X-RAY System of UK

1. DAGE Bondtester

 (1) DAGE4000 Multi-purpose Bondtester

 (2) DAGE4000 PLUS Bondtester

 (3) DAGE4000HS High Speed Bondtester

 (4) DAGE4000 Optima Bondtester

 (5) DAGE3800 Bondtester

 (6) DAGE 4000W Wafer Handling System

 (7) DAGE 4800 Bondtester

2. DAGE X-RAY System of UK

 (1) DAGE XD7500VR XiDAT Inspection System

 (2) DAGE Quadra™ 5 X-ray Inspection Systems

 (3) DAGE Quadra™ 7 X-ray Inspection Systems

 (4) DAGE 7600 3D X-RAY Inspection

 (5) DAGE XD7800-For Larger Boards X-ray System

 (6) DAGE XM8000 Wafer X-ray Metrology Platform

C. Nordson MARCH Plasma Treatment Systems

1. AP Batch Series Plasma Treatment Equipment

2. TRAK Automated Series plasma system

3. SPHERE Wafer Series plasma system

4. RIE Anisotropic & Isotropic Plasma Etching System

D. SEMILAB metrology equipment

1. Semilab SE-2000 Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

E. PALOMAR Wire Bonder and Die Bonder

1. 3880 Die Bonder

2. 6500 Die Bonder

3. 8000i Wire Bonder

4. 9000 Wedge Bonder

F. SST Vacuum Furnace

1. SST Model 1200 Table Top Furnace

2. SST Model 3130 Vacuum/Pressure Furnace

3. SST Model 5100 Vacuum/Pressure Furnace

4. SST Model 518 Vacuum/Pressure Furnace

G. SONOSCAN Sound Technology With Vision

1. Sonoscan D9600™ C-SAM:The Modern Standard for Acoustic Microscopes

2. Sonoscan Gen6™ C-Mode Scanning Acoustic Microscope

3. Sonoscan Fastline™ P300™ C-SAM Maximum Throughput, Minimal Footprint

4. Sonoscan AW™ Series C-SAM Operator-Free Wafer Inspection, Analysis and Sorting

H. Nordson YESTECH AOI Automated Optical Inspection Systems

1. M1m Series AOI Automated Optical Inspection Systems

I. Matrix Automated X-ray inspection system

1. MatriX X2 Automated in-line x-ray inspection system

2. MatriX X3 Automated X-ray inspection system

3. MatriX X2# Automated X-ray inspection system

4. MatriX X2.5# automated X-ray inspection system


1. ASAP-1 Backside Preparation & Mechanical Decapsulation

2. ULTRAPOL Advance Lapping and Polishing Machine

3. ARC-LITE Anti-reflective Coating System For Backside Analysis

4. ULTRATRIM Entry-level Slicing Machine

K. RKD Automated Dual Acid Decapsulator & Laser decapsulation

1. RKD Automated Dual Acid Decapsulator

2. RKD Laser decapsulation

L. FAI Photo Emmission Microscope

1. FAI Photo Emmission Microscope

M. Acculogic flying probe testers & In-Circuit Testers...

1. Acculogic FLS980 flying probe testers

2. Acculogic In-Circuit Testers

3. Acculogic Test Programming Services

4. Acculogic Boundary Scan

N. MSL Environmental simulation chambers and systems/Thermal treatment equipment

1. TO Series Baking oven

2. VA Series vacuum baking oven

3. ES Series Thermal Shock oven

4. EC(BT) Series Temp Humidity Bias / Storage

5. CH125/300/700 Temp Humidity Constant

6. PC021GA/050GA HAST and PRESSURE POT chambers

O. SVS-Batch Sputter System

1. SVS-V2000 Batch Sputter System

2. SVS-V6000 Batch Sputter System

3. SVS-e2000 Production Evaporation Systems

P. Nordson ASYMTEK Fluid Dispensing System & Conformal Coating System

1. ASYMTEK Fluid Dispensing System

(1) DispenseMate D-593/D-595 Benchtop Fluid Dispensing System

(2) Quantum Q-6800 High-Value Fluid Dispensing System

(3) Spectrum II Premier S2-900P Fluid Dispensing System

(4) Spectrum II S2-900 Precision Fluid Dispensing System

2. ASYMTEK Conformal Coating System

(1) Conexis CX-3040 Conformal Coating System

(2) Select Coat SL-940 Conformal Coating System

Q. Rehm Reflow Condensation Soldering

1. Condenso Reflow Condensation Soldering

R. ADT Dicing Saws

1. 7120 / 7130 Series Dicing Saws

2. 7900 Series Dicing Saws

S. ISP laser soldering

1. DLS Die-attach laser soldering assembly station

2. ILAS assembly station by laser soldering and/or sintering

3. OPLAS Automatic machine of adhesive wrapping

T. BFT Can & Ceramic Opener

1. BFT1100 Can Opener

2. BFT2100 Ceramic Package Opener

U. Other Consumables And Spare Parts:

1. Hooks,Shears,Filament,Fluid & Tools For Polishing,Arc-lite Fluid ......

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