Condenso Reflow Condensation Soldering




Simply. More. Technique.

In fact, Condenso from Rehm Thermal Systems is a state-of-the-art condensation reflow soldering solution. Addressing the complex demands of lead-free solder alloys for PCBs with a large thermal mass, Condenso will solder your most difficult PCBs quickly, void free and reliably for maximum return on investment.

System advantages

Low operating costs
Profile longitudinal / lateral ±2 K
Ideal for PCBs with large thermal mass
Void-free thanks to vacuum option
Simple, accurate temperature profiling
Horizontal conveyor
Constant temperature
Inert gas soldering


Model        L * W * H
XM       3100*2030*1770 mm
XP       4100*2030*1770 mm
XPHS     4100*2030*1770 mm



Flat soldering (1cm2)        Flat soldering (1cm2)
without vacuum  
         with vacuum


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