DLS Die-attach laser soldering assembly station










DLS fulfils the functions of three machines:
screen printing, pick and place and reflow oven.

DLS is optimized for the mass production with innovating processes of electronic components transfer.

• Concentration on a sole machine of screen printing, component transfer and sintering/soldering
• Dynamic servo control of process parameters: temperature, pressure, position
• Automatic process completion by detection of phase machanges
• Customization of parameters for each process step
• Overheating localised on soldering area, protecting the component from overheating
• Designed for mass production
• Integrated process and product traceability


DLS fulfills following automatic functions:

• Location of working area by vision analysis,
• Components supply through the feeders,
• Constitution of a "soldering sub‐layer" on lead frame
• Deposition of component solder on this sub‐layer with XYZθ corrections after deposition of a flow pattern
• Control of laser power during the heating and fusion phases
• Control of location and force applied on component during phase changes
• Simultaneous operations on 2 workstations: while a chip is being soldered, the manipulator prepares the sub‐layer of a second chip on the other workstation
• 100% traceability (identification of incoming products by data matrix, identification of component rolls, individual identification of each chip, traceability data and soldering status are sent to traceability server at each cycle
• Recording of measured process parameters and camera data at each cycle
• MMI includes a display with instantaneous parameters and historical data per production shift, per day and per week.
• Possibility to put several machines in series, using only one conveyor for feeding and one conveyor for parts output.


Characteristics (without options) Values
2 workstations 150 x 150mm
Resolution XY axes 0,2μm
Max. acceleration and speed of axes Limited to 1.5g and 1,5 m/s
Machine dimensions 1780 x 2000 x H 2250 (Excepted luminous column)
Weight 2200 kg
Laser source Laser YAG 1Kw*
Cycle time 12 s by soldering operation (variable acc. to soldering time)


(without options)

Travel Up to 2 mm
Travel resolution Up to 100 nm
Travel accuracy 2 μm
Effort -5 N to +5N
Force resolution Up to 1 mN
Force accuracy 10 mN
Dynamic Acquisition frequency displacement measurement ≥ 500 Hz
Response time for a shift of 100 μm: 10 ms
Response time for an effort of 1 N: 20 ms
Actuator dimension 80mm x 80mm x 200mm
Actuator weight ≤ 2kg
Max linear accelerations Linear accelerations : 2g in the three directions




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