HB30 Heavy Wire Bonder
Motorized Z- & Y- Axis






+ 100u to 500u Aluminium Wire
+ 6,5" TFT Touch Screen
+ 100 Program Storage Capacities
+ Built in Dual Fiber Optic illuminator
+ Motorised Z Bond Head
+ Motorized Y travel for Step-Back loop control
+ 6:1 ratio X-Y manipulator
+ Loop Profile Programmable
+ Stitch bonding
+ Semi-auto, Step and Manual Bonding Mode

HB30 Heavy Wire Bonder
The HB30 is a bench top size wire bonder, ideal for laboratories, pilot and pre-production runs and small scale production tines. Easy operation with TFT Touch Screen Operator System. Direct access and simple adjustment to all bond parameters and programs.

Technical Specifications

Ultrasonic system PLL US System
Utrasonic power 50 Watt Output
Bond time 0-10 sec.
Bond force 50 - 1500cN
Aluminium wire diameter 100u to 500u
Wire termination Front Cut
Wire feed angle 90°
Motorized Y travel Stepback up to 17 mm
Motorized Z travel 20 mm
Fine Table motion 15 mm
Mouse ratio 6:1 ( Option 3:1 )
Electrical Requirements 100 - 240V +/-10% 50/60 Hz 10A max.
Physical Dimensions 680 mm ( 27”)W x 640 mm (25") D x 490 mm ( 19”) H
Weight Net 50 kg
Industry Standards CE Standards



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