HB10 Wedge & Ball Bonder
Motorized Z-Axis








+ Wedge, Ball, Bump and Ribbon bonding
+ 17u to 75u Wire and 25u X 250u Ribbon
+ 6,5" TFT Touch Screen
+ Deep-Access Bond Head 16mm
+ Bond Arm Length 165mm
+ 100 Program Storage Capacities
+ Motorized Z-Axis
+ USB Backup
+ Electronic Ball Size Control

+ Pick & Place Option
+ Pull Tester Option
+ Copper Bonding Option

HB10 Thermosonic Wire Bonder for Wedge & Ball Bonding
The HB10 is a Bench Top Size Wire Bonder, ideal for laboratories, pilot and small scale production lines One Bond Head for bonding in Ball/Wedge or Wedge/Wedge bonding mode. Only tool change necessary. Easy operation with TFT Touch Screen, direct access and simple adjustment of all bond parameters.

Technical Specifications

Bonding Methode Wedge-Wedge, Ball-Wedge, Ribbon- & Bumb- bonding
Gold wire diameter 17-75u (0,7-3 mil)
Aluminium wire diameter 17-75u (0,7-3 mil)
Ribbon size max. 25 x 250u (1x 8 mil)
Ultrasonic system 62 kHz Transducer PLL Control
Utrasonic power 0-5 Watt Output
Bond time 0 - 10 sec.
Bond force 5-150 cNm (350cNm option)
Bonding tool 1,58 ø 19 mm length (0,0624” x 0,750")
Motorised Wire Spool 50,8 mm ( 2")
Wire termination Bond Head Tear / CLamp Tear
Wire feed angle 90°
Clamp movement Motorized, Up / Down
Ball size control Electronic
Motorized Z travel 17mm (0,67")
Throat depth 165 mm ( 6,7")
Fine Table motion 10 mm ( 0,4")
Mouse ratio 6:1
Temperature controller up to 250°C +/- 1°C
Electrical Requirements 100 - 240V +/-10% 50/60 Hz 10A max.
Physical Dimensions 680 (27")x 640 (25") x 490mm (19")
Weight Net 42 kg
Industry Standards CE standards


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