EDB80-P Precision Die Bonder
with Programmable Pulse Heat




The EDB80-P Precision Die Bonder is designed for bonding GaAs laser devices and similar delicate materials. Vacuum pickup tool facilities are provided for both die and preform handling, if required.

The bonding arm is mounted on precision pre-loaded bearings, and can be counterbalanced down to a force of 6 grams. The sensitive operator controlled Z lever coupled with the light loading eliminates die damage during production.

A dual waffle / gel pack presentation table is supplied as standard. The die pickup tool can be rotated using a DC motor for die placement positioning.

A placement accuracy of 5 microns or better can be achieved using the high ratio fine manipulator, and the motor driven theta rotation of the workstage. A stop-to-stop 90° movement is also provided to allow die placement in different planes or positions.

A range of heated workholders is available to cater for a variety of submounts, TO Headers and C-mount type packages. A programmable pulse heating system ensures precise, rapid heating and cooling during the bonding process. The submount or package is vacuum clamped to a graphite strip which acts as a heating element, and cover gas is supplied to eliminate oxidation during the bonding of the die.

Various microscopes, accessories and illuminators are available to suit specific magnification and lighting requirements.






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