EDB65 Eutectic Die Bonder




The EDB65 is an easy-to-use reliable manual bonder which ensures high placement accuracy for all laboratory applications, prototype, pre-production and limited production work.

It can be quickly reconfigured to accept all common semiconductor packages and operates in manual mode at up to 300 units per hour.

The die pick-up head load is adjustable, providing very low loading for small, fragile die and the pick-up temperature may be accurately controlled up to 150℃.

The precision auto traverse table allows the operator to view both pick-up and placement during the bonding cycle. A coarse movement of 51mm x 51mm is available until vacuum-locked into position, whilst an 8:1 joystick manipulator provides fine control to achieve placement accuracy.

A swivel toolholder is fitted as standard. For multiple dice or preform placement, a three-position manually selectable toolholder assembly can be provided.

The self-centering scrub system is driven about the pivoted arm in the X-axis by a pneumatic scrub cylinder. The complete arm is mounted on a precision Z-axis slide, lowered by a cam controlled Z-lever. Adjustments are provided by scrub time, frequency and amplitude which can then remain fixed throughout the process to ensure consistent yield.

A digital temperature controller is used to control workholder temperatures of up to 500~C. A flow control provides heated cover gas to the workholder.

Workholders are available for substrates up to 51mm x 51mm, TO headers, DIPs, leadframes, chip carriers etc and can be designed to meet special requirements.

A range of precision microscopes and accessories is available from Cammax Precima to cater for specific customer bonding requirements.



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