DB400 Adhesive Die Bonder






The DB400 Adhesive Die Bonder is a versatile, low cost entry-level system which is ideally suited for development and production batch work. A pneumatic traversing table supports both die presentation pedestal and workholder, providing fast but simple die bonding operations. For precise die alignment to within 0.05mm, both pick-up and placement cycles can be viewed by the operator using a stereozoom microscope.

The pick-up and dispense heads are mounted on precision Z-slides, for delicate die handling and adhesive dispense operations. The latter is controlled by a simple timer together with regulator controls mounted on the machine front panel, while the dispense cycle is activated by a footswitch. Die presentation is by means of a waffle tray holder which is manually aligned to the vacuum tool, ensuring accurate die pick-up. The vacuum-locked shuffle workholder can accommodate flat substrates up to 102mm square, using a mechanical clamping device, and can be configured to hold most common packages. An optional heated workholder is also available for adhesive materials that require a background temperature of up to 250℃.

A dispense facility is fitted to the DB400 as standard to dispense adhesive dots from a syringe, prior to die placement. Syringe sizes of up to 10cc capacity can be fitted and an optional low-volume reservoir is available.

The DB400 has been designed to accommodate a stereozoom series microscope to ensure precise die bonding techniques. Various accessories and magnification options are available to suit particular applications.




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