Baublys BL2500 Series Laser decapsulation






The Baublys BL2500 is a movable table top laser tool for laser decapsulation and ablation. Also here our engineers have implemented a lot of useful features. Base is the compact size of the machine and the solid mechanical construction. The Z-axis with a lift capacity of 300mm is fully CNC controlled. Also the camera is mounted on this axis.

Our BL2500 is equipped with the newest IPG fibre laser technology for IC decapsulation. This laser tool is equipped with a high resolution Ethernet camera with 5Mp. The red laser pointer is used for comfortable adjustment and positioning of the work piece.

For easy handling, a professional sample holder is built in. A laser class one safety cabinet with automatic door opening and closing is standard for the BL2500.

HMI Interface

Complete new designed and developed HMI-operating system with touch screen. Control and programming software based on Windows 7 system. Long standing experience in the application of engraving and marking ensures intuitive and simple programming.


Product specification

Laser type
Ytterbium fibre laser
Wave length
1064 nm
Pulse rate
1,6 kHz – 1 MHz
Pulse length
4 - 200 ns
20 W
Inscription area
110 x 110 mm
CNC control
System software
Windows 7 / Windows 10
800 x 600 x 900 mm (L x W x H)
Network connection



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