Quantum Q-6800 High-Value Fluid Dispensing System






The in-line and batch Quantum® systems deliver uncompromising quality, value and productivity for demanding fluid dispensing applications

• Patented advanced closed-loop process controls for maximizing product yield
• Automated calibration enables quick and repeatable set-up
• Standard features including range-finding laser height sensor, digital vision system, and substrate heating capability
• Large 423 x 458 mm dispense area offers substrate size flexibility and can handle more parts per load for higher productivity
• In-line or Batch process configuration to address evolving customer needs

The Quantum system with Nordson ASYMTEK's jet and valve technology is the cost-effective solution for many demanding mid- to high-complexity fluid dispensing requirements for PCBA, SMT, industrial and other electronic assembly applications including:

• CSP, BGA and board-level underfill
• Corner and edge bonding
• Dam and fill
• Potting and encapsulation
• Surface mount adhesives
• Conductive epoxy
• Larger board or substrate size

For batch processes, the Quantum batch system elevates precision batch dispensing to next level of refinement. The Quantum system's production-proven X-Y overhead gantry motion system brings high performance dispensing accuracy, speed, and reliability to batch processing. With up to 423 x 458 mm dispense area*, the system is excellent for larger work-piece and dual-valve dispensing providing application flexibility.

With the Quantum system, users no longer have to choose between asset cost and high quality dispensing capability.

(* Dispense area includes offsets for vision and height sensing)


• Integrated weight scale with patented MFC/CPJ closed-loop process controls
• Dual-Action or Dual-Simultaneous Dispensing capability
• Dual-lane Dispensing for increased throughput
• Programmable fluid valve pressure control for CPJ+
• Fids-on-the-Fly™ software for high-speed fiducial capturing
• Dual-lane configuration
• Pre- and post-queue stations
• MH-900 material handlers
• Fluidmove® software



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