(Backside/Upside Preparation & Mechanical Decapsulation)

Every lab can now produce accurate, reproducible, thinned and perfectly polished dice for backside analysis. Flip-chip and power chip mechanical decap. is now straightforward and accurate.

Thinned and polished die in a PQFP package, backside imaged using an Emission Microscope with NIR Illumination, with 20X objective.

The die, whether in packaged or wafer form, is mounted on a specially designed traveling table oscillates in the X and Y directions

A rotating tool, controlled in the Z-Direction, means reproducible grinding can be carried out to a specific thickness (routinely to less than 50mm of remaining silicon), finishing with a scratch-free mirror polish. This yields a surface ready for NIR imaging and backside analysis.

By changing tools, in conjunction with loose or fixed abrasives, a scratch-free surface is produced. Heating of the substrate is minimal during processing due to the low damage nature of the process.


Product highlights:

• Package and wafer-level - all sizes of die;

• Mechanical Decapsulation (on S-CSP, BGA, flip chip, power device, MCM package styles and most other styles);

• Low damage method allows for extremely thin samples;

• Accurately decaps, then thins substrate and polishes;

• Intuitive and easy to use;

• Short set-up and process times;

• Easy ‘Die tilt' adjustment, during the process ;

• Bench-top and quiet.

Emission site (yellow) shown by forward bias through an input pin, imaged with backside illumination with 20x objective

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